In this activity, no previous experience is necessary as you will be sliding down a rope under controlled conditions, with our fully qualified instructors, from a height of 10m. You will be in a harness & safety hat with comprehensive instructions. 

All sessions are run at a speed to suit the client group.

This is an exhilarating sport with fantastic opportunities for personnel development, achievement & trust.

Please note, if you require the hoist for this activity this must be prebooked and is subject to availability. 


In this activity you will be taught the necessary basic skills to test your aim and shoot the perfect gold by our qualified instructors.

Sessions are tailored to meet the individuals strength, size and to raise their self esteem.

Crossbows are also available, these can be easily used from a standing or seated position.

Axe Throwing

Get ready to enjoy the thrill of flinging an axe at a target in the great outdoors, as you aim for the all-important bullseye (it's harder than it sounds!). The key to success is technique rather than strength, and our qualified instructors will be on-hand to provide tips and support.

As your session progresses, we'll introduce games and challenges, either working as a team or going solo. It's the perfect way to learn a new skill and have loads of fun. Ready, set, throw!

Please note, this activity is restricted to Year 7 young people and above. No previous experience required, and you don’t need to grow a beard or wear plaid!


Our purpose built 11m climbing tower could just be what you are looking for. The tower has an all ability climbing wall, providing routes for both experienced climbers and those with little or no climbing experience.

This is an adrenalin fuelled experience without having to reach great heights, which will test your strength and endurance.

Specialist equipment available for those with disabilities 

Crate Stack Challenge

The aim of the game is to build a tower as high as possible.

The crate stack involves the whole team as they must work effectively together to achieve their goal. Members of your team on the ground are involved in passing crates up to the people building the tower, who are harnessed in and wearing safety hats. When the tower topples those building will be lowered to the ground. 

This activity will improve self esteem, confidence, safety awareness, problem solving and leave you with a great feeling of achievement.


Unleash your inner Fencer! Fencing is a great way to build focus, accuracy and lightning-fast reflexes. It is exciting and active, where speed and precision are much more important than strength. The sessions consist of warm up games, blade work and footwork before supervised sparring in groups according to ability and age/size. Games are used not only for general fitness and agility but also to teach quick thinking and fast reactions. We provide premium equipment which is perfectly safe in even the most enthusiastic of hands. Trust us when we say that fencing is a sport you have to experience to truly understand. The rush of landing the perfect touch against your opponent, the chess-like strategy of each bout, as well as plenty of sword fighting!

Gladiator Challenge

Gladiator ready, Three, Two, One, go! Are you brave enough to take on our gladiator challenge?

Belayed by their peers, participants try to climb to the top of the Gladiator course. Cargo net, ladders, tyres, different challenges at different heights make this a real test all of your climbing skills.  Once mastered why not take on a contender in a race to the top!

High Wobble Board

This is teamwork at its finest.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept!, is to try and get four people up a "telegraph pole" to stand on the platform at the top.

This is an excellent exercise for groups of up to 12 people to achieve. Whilst four people are trying to access the platform the rest of the group control their safety ropes.

Your group will need good cooperation, communications and trust to complete this task and exceed your own and the groups expectations.

High Zip Line

Our 100m zip wire will allow you to soar like a bird from our 11m climbing tower to a tree within our woodland.

The zip wire experience can be enjoyed by all ages and abilities. Why not try this special adventure and conquer your fear of heights!

This adventure will increase confidence and personnel awareness.

Please be aware there is a safe maximum weight restriction of 16 stone (102kg) and a safe maximum height restriction of 6ft 2” (189cm) to use this activity.

Please note, if you require the hoist for this activity this must be prebooked and is subject to availability. 

Jacob's Ladder

An absolute classic of a team building activity, this one is harder than it looks and you’ll have to get creative if you want to climb to the top. The higher the teams get, the further apart the rungs on the ladder become!

With up to four climbers, teams must work together to ascend the structure, lifting and climbing on each other to get as high as they can.  This is a very physical activity but ultimately very rewarding.

Low Ropes

Experience fun and adventure as you work your way around a series of challenges just off of the ground. This is a developmental course in a safe controlled environment.

The low ropes course is strung beneath the canopy of our woodland trees.

Throughout this activity groups will perform crucial roles directly supporting and encouraging each other. The group must work together as a team to successfully complete the course.

Low Zip Line


Our low zip wire is a real thrill! A mid-level zip wire that is extremely popular with many groups. It works very well as a standalone activity but also as an alternative to the high zip wire. It also acts as excellent progression for those setting their sights on the high zip wire.


Mountain Biking

Tricky climbs, technical descents, rocky paths; these are some of the challenges you will meet on our Mountain Biking course. You can choose to have your session on site or adventure off site and discover the beautiful views of the South Downs National Park.

In these sessions you will learn new skills and knowledge. 

Mountain bikes provided by Lodge Hill - please note, participants will need to be confident cyclists. 

Nature Trail

Follow the trail, answering the questions and solving the puzzles along the way. Each one will provide an answer for your answer grid and is worth one piece of gold!


Night Hike

A unique and fun filled adventure that will fill your evening with happy faces and tired legs!

Our night hike follows a circular route through the glorious Arun Valley and shows the stunning views of the South Downs National Park. 

This will be a night to remember!

Please note, we can only run Night Hikes between April and September. 


The Nightline is a sensory deprivation activity in which the participants are blindfolded. They then must navigate their way through a series of obstacles as a group, relying on the trust and the support of each other, and verbally communicating with the group to negotiate as they tackle each of the different challenges.

Nightline is suitable for all ages and abilities, and sharpens your senses as well as your team skills.


Orienteering is an exciting outdoor adventure sport that offers a mental and physical challenge.

The aim of our orienteering course is to navigate your way around our beautiful grounds looking out for 25 control points. You will need to work as a team to decide the best route to complete the course in the quickest time. Your group will be given a specially drawn map to find their way around. 

This activity will help improve your map reading skills and is a good team building exercise.


Air guns are small rifles that are primarily used for target practice, don't worry if you are a novice as we are on hand to help you achieve. Our instructors will show you how to safely hold, load, aim and fire the air-rifle.

This sport takes practice and patience for your accuracy to improve.

Our rifles are suitable for all abilities.

Shelter Building

With this activity, your group will be given tips on how to adequately build a shelter from resources found within the woodland, that will protect them from the elements.

A good shelter is important on several fronts, not only does it shield you from the elements, it can also hide you from wildlife intruders and provide the psychological comfort needed to remain calm if you find yourself in a survival situation.

This activity is great for team work, planning, communication and strategy thinking.


Prepare for speed and laughter while sliding down our exhilarating tubing slope in a rubber ringo. Sno-tubing is a work and reward activity as you'll have to bring your ringo up the hill to have another go. This activity is a great way to face your fears as we have different levels we can push your ringo down from.

This is an activity you can do over and over again.

Team Building

We run memorable team building days to engage and inspire all abilities and ages, with a range of challenging activities and problem solving. 

Our bespoke, tailor-made team building programmes focus on your groups specific goals to help develop your teams strategies and tactics to succeed in the workplace or at school. 

Please note, team building may include a game called 'Save the Duck' which involves water! 


On site we have a fully functional man made tunnelling system with 195m of tunnelling experience to explore.

This is an underground exploration in a completely safe environment, giving you the opportunity to grow in confidence and adapt to unfamiliar conditions. 

They will have the opportunity, whilst being accompanied by a buddy to succeed in conquering any fear of the dark and confined spaces that they may have.

'We Cycle Too' Bikes

Following the closure of the charity 'We Cycle Too', the fully accessible bikes were donated to Lodge Hill. 

Book these accessible bikes for a session of fun and games! 

We have a range of bikes to suit all abilities including handbikes, wheelchair accessible bikes and much more!

Please phone for more details. 

3 Hour Guided Walk

A guided walk exploring the beauty of the South Downs National Park. Stroll through the Waltham Brooks Nature Reserve, a popular spot for bird watchers. You may also spot some wild ponies grazing if you’re lucky! This walk features level terrain with no steep inclines/declines and is ideal for groups looking to explore a bit more of the local area.