Inclusion Policy

At Lodge Hill, we believe that every individual deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. By advocating inclusion, it does more than just make us an accessible outdoor activity centre – it contributes to a world where children and young people are empowered to be themselves. We welcome people of all abilities, gender and race and we strive to include diversity and equality practices at the centre of our daily work.

As an outdoor activity centre, there are some steps we have implemented to create an inclusive environment. We are committed to creating a safe, happy environment to everyone who comes to our 32 acre woodland site. Some of these steps include:

  • All staff have undergone first aid training, child & adult safeguard training and LGBTQ+ awareness training.
  • Most of our activities are accessible for individuals with disabilities or can be adapted in a way that means they can still participate for example: we have a hoist which allows wheelchair users to participate in activities such as abseiling and high zip wire.  
  • Our grounds are fully accessible.
  • We have disabled and gender neutral toilets available.
  • We offer intervention support for young people who are struggling with life’s challenges in whatever way is most appropriate for that individual.
  • During the bookings process, a discussion can be had with a member of Lodge Hill staff regarding any special requirements you may have. We are happy to meet with teachers or parents/guardians to discuss further.

We will not discriminate against any individual because of the way they were born, where they come from, their physical/metal ability or what they believe. We want to promote equality of opportunity by trying to remove barriers and create equal access to outdoor learning experiences.

ChallengeU Courses

The ChallengeU course is an innovative and exciting programme combining outdoor activities and positive learning experiences, designed for groups of young people who currently display behavioural traits that are causing concern and may have brought them to the attention of the authorities.

The aim of the course is to develop participants’ understanding of their own behaviour through a range of individual and group-based activities supported by personal development exercises, to improve impulse control and thinking skills, and to enhance participants personal awareness, self-discipline and self-esteem.  Though pro social behaviour we assist the participants to improve their ability to engage and communicate positively and effectively with adults and peers.

Participants successfully completing the course will be able to display a greater understanding of their feelings and thoughts, and how these impact upon their behaviours, to demonstrate an understanding of how their own behaviour impacts upon others.  They are assisted in learning to communicate with greater confidence, and display impulse control and accept personal responsibility for their actions.

The young people will face a robust approach with consistent boundaries, structured stimulating days, with a bespoke programme adapted to the group’s needs.

Any young person of concern, who may have offended, be at risk of offending, exhibiting anti-social behaviour or not engaging in education may attend our ChallengeU courses.  Each course is aimed at engaging a group of 6/8 individual young people within the age range of 14/16 years old.

To learn more about the course please email Darren Worsfold, Alternative Provision Officer, at [email protected] for more information.

Bespoke 1:1 Sessions

Bespoke 1:1 sessions are available.  These can be arranged on a flexible hourly basis or a full day programme.  The full range of activities are available with our dedicated and fully qualified staff team.  These sessions are open to young people displaying challenging behaviour, those with additional needs, and those who may be unable to attend mainstream school but would benefit from outdoor experiences.

Please email Darren Worsfold, Alternative Provision Officer, at [email protected] for more information.

ChallengeU SEND Asperger's Activity Courses

Lodge Hill, in partnership with WSCC Short Breaks, presents a unique, fully structured programme to help young people with Asperger's to be active, enjoy the outdoors and develop life and social skills.

Our dedicated and fully qualified staff team will support and encourage young people with Asperger's through a 5 day programme of outdoor activity, focusing on team work, fun, individual needs, leadership, confidence and self-esteem building.

This unique programme will enable young people to take on challenges and develop a positive attitude to health and wellbeing.

Please email Darren, [email protected], for more information.


Lodge Hill is an inclusive 32 acre site.  Most of our outdoor activities are as accessible as possible for all levels of ability.

Accessible equipment includes:

  • Trolley access to the underground tunnels system
  • Specialist harnesses for our zip and climbing tower
  • Accessible bathrooms and bedrooms in our main house
  • Accessible woodland lodge with adjacent parking
  • 'We Cycle Too' fully accessible bikes
  • 60 meter abseil descent for wheelchairs down our sno-tube hill
  • All access adventure trail

Please talk to us about any additional needs you have or for anyone within your group and we will be able to provide advice as to the best activities and equipment we have to make your visit enjoyable and exciting. 

Pre-visits are recommended for any visitors or groups who may be unsure as to whether Lodge Hill is suitable for them. Contact us on 01798 831411 to book a pre-visit. Please note we are situated within woodland and therefore some areas are uneven and hilly.

Short Breaks Family Activity Days

We offer fantastic family activity days for children under 18 with additional needs, their friends and family. These days are funded through WSCC Short Breaks and offer families a day of activities and fun! 

Dates and information for futures SEND days will be posted here. 

Pre-booking for these days are essential.