Face Masks

Face masks are to be worn by all visitors that come to Lodge Hill. If you come to our site without a face mask, please let us know and we will provide you with one. 

Hand Washing

Hand washing facilities and antibacterial hand gel is available and we encourage everyone who comes to Lodge Hill to practice good hygiene for yours and our staffs safety. 

Displaying Symptoms

If you are displaying any symptoms or have tested positive for COVID, we kindly ask you do not come to Lodge Hill. 

Social Distancing

We have introduced arrangements for social distancing during our activities. When social distancing can't be fully achieved, our staff may wear a mask or visor when checking harnesses before activities. Please ensure you maintain social distancing with our staff so we can all keep each other safe. 

Limited Access

There is limited access to reception and our main building if you are not a guest using our facilities or a Lodge Hill staff member. Please do not come to Lodge Hill without a prior booking or contacting us first on 01798 831411. 

Enhanced Cleaning

We have enhanced our cleaning schedule meaning we are doing more frequent deep cleans using stronger chemicals to ensure safety for all our visitors and guests.